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The much awaited Mobile World Congress 2018 has ended in a good note. Being the biggest trade show in the mobile industry, Mobile World Congress offered an excellent platform for discussing various hot and trending topics ranging from 5G to artificial intelligence. In this piece of article, we are going to discuss Mobility technology and the highlights of the Mobile World Congress.

The trade show in Barcelona saw various mobile manufacturers from across the world, displaying their top-notch future devices. Many expected that 5G would be the show stealer. Now let us see the new trends, which were trending the news this year.

5G Connectivity

The talks about 5G mobile connectivity have been doing rounds in the technology world for a while. In this trade show, the experts stressed that they are taking a step forward to materialize the concept of 5G connectivity. Kester Mann of CCS Insight says that the initial standard for 5G has been established and soon the people will be announcing this more officially.

The Internet connectivity has been playing a huge role in improving the lives of the mobile users. With the materialization and implementation of 5G connectivity, the mobile users will see a significant improvement in their mobile experience. There were plenty of topics about 5G was discussed in the MWC 2018.

5G is no more a topic that is only in the level of discussion. It is on the verge of materialization and it is expected to come soon to the market and will make a great impact on enterprises and consumers. 5G will be more than 100 times speeder than currently existing 4G and more than 10 times speedier than the conventional broadband internet connection. With this fantastic level of speed, it has opened the door for technologies like AR, VR, IoT and Edge computing to become a high possibility.


There are plenty of benefits of AI. Apart from the rapid Internet speed, the other important benefits of 5G are the capability to deal with technologies to the likes of AI. There are two reasons why AI needs to be used in telecommunications. First, AI can be utilized to enhance the methodologies for planning and managing the networks. The network operators will be able to easily foresee their customer needs, while controlling the tariffs. The telecommunication industry can take lots of advantage with the AI and 5G.

Mobility has been influencing various industries across the world and the manufacturing industry is no exception. Many industries have adopted the mobility strategies to empower the business. The growth extraordinary growth of IoT has made lots of impact in the manufacturing sector. The total number of devices connected, spanning the industries across the globe, is expected to increase up to 8.4 billion, which is 31% higher than 2016.

The technology has eased the manufacturing floors in a significant way. Today, workers at manufacturing sites are able to work with less fatigue, due to the advancement and implementation of mobility technology. One of the finest examples is the robotic technology in the manufacturing sector.

With the rapid advancement of mobility technology, it is sure that all the industries are going to see a rapid development.

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