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Technology has advanced in various aspects. Mobility technology is one of the hot technologies that has been impacting multiple industries in a positive note. The concept of enterprise mobility has already become increasingly popular due to the utilization of cloud services. The cloud services have significantly revolutionized the functioning of the enterprises in the recent decades. With cloud technology, the enterprises were able to improve to their workforce to a drastic. Gone are the days, when the enterprise staffs relying on the single computer for all their jobs.

Today, with the help of the cloud, the enterprise staffs are able to access the work files anywhere through their mobile phone, tablets and other mobile computing devices. Combined advancement in the cloud and mobile technologies made it possible for increased implementation and use of mobile apps.

Enterprise mobility is playing a crucial and deciding role in improving the productivity of the staffs and employees. The enterprise staffs can stay connected with each other, thereby avoiding the possible delay and lag in the communication. In another significant development, the boom of enterprise mobility paved the way for a new policy called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). In this policy, the staffs and employees are permitted to bring their laptops, computer, smartphones and other devices for the job reasons.

With the utilization of Enterprise mobility, the organizations are able to enjoy a competitive advantage. Enterprise mobility has also revolutionized the landscape of B2E, B2C and B2B. Now let us look into the some of the top companies in the Enterprise mobility services.


This company handles services related to technology, management consulting and business processing outsourcing. Accenture offers managed mobility services that comprise deployment, procurement, and MDM. This service helps the enterprise to associate with one provider, while maintaining a global reduce, thereby minimizing the possible complexity.

AT & T

This company offers advanced mobile solution services, which help the employees, customers, and assets of the organization stay connected to each other for a smooth workflow. The enterprise mobility from AT & T offers a highly comprehensive solution makes it easy for companies to stay connected.


This company has a client base globally, and it offers Manage Services, system integration, cloud operation, security solutions, Big Data and BPO services. Additionally, the company also provides transactional services.


This company offers a unified security policy all over the globe. Their solution has been helping the users to optimize and manage the mobile devices and security.


Deloitte offers technologies, products, solutions, software, and services to SMEs, individual customers and large enterprises. This company provides methods of innovative mobility plan that helps the consumers and partners to generate good revenue. It also aids employees to have access to personal and business applications anytime.

Deutsche Telekom

Being one of the top integrated telecommunication companies in the world, Deutsche Telekom has millions of mobile customers and fixed-network lines. This company now has its presence in 50 and more countries with 228, 000 staffs across the globe.

To know more about other top companies in mobility technologies, you can refer to other technology magazines. In fact, Technology has become like an ocean that keeps on expanding.

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