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Introduction to SAP S/4 HANA

It is the successful Enterprise Resource Software (ERP) software provided by SAP. A yearly meeting conducted in the US, UK, and Germany came up with a shocking report that many SMBs have not recognized the full potential of this version. Many companies are still skeptical about S/4 HANA migrations. Are you ready to migrate into this domain? Then Techfetch helps you to obtain a dream sap job in NYC

These companies are waiting for testimonies from other organizations of their size. The only concern is that with large MNCs who have embraced this version at a large scale, and it takes time for witnessing results. Many businesses want to reduce their maintenance costs, and the new customers are captured by the dominant technical features of the product who are not a member of the user community.

Apart from these facts, many business firms have acknowledged the multi-faceted benefits of this System Applications and Products (SAP) software. The product has been providing several mind-blowing upgrades that meet the requirements of many business domains across the world.

We repeat the same that many companies have failed to utilize the features offered by this particular product. Are you one among them? Then read on the following elaborative narrations that outline the benefits the software has to offer.

Myth and Reality

A myth that encircles this software version is that it benefits only large organizations. But the reality is entirely different. S/4 HANA is useful for business sectors, regardless of their demographics and size.


  • Functionality – The product is a solo performer. It provides a one-stop integrated system solution for your business needs, which facilitates quick and on-time delivery of quality products.
  • User-Interface (UI) – It surpasses Friori, and the product has minimized several screen applications, which transforms the model simple, straightforward, and efficient to use.


  • Landscape – Recent launches on scheduling and production planning have extensively diminished data redundancy that minimized costs of infrastructure

Database Speed
The product offers a simple database layout that facilitates high-speed data processing and significant progressions in generating external hierarchy reports. It is possible to make modifications to these hierarchies without affecting the source database.

Today many organizations can utilize the live data feature in their management meetings to portray the current position of their business. Now boardroom meetings are more interactive with the help of the data. Be a part of the interactive conferences by acquiring sap jobs in NYC, with Techfetch professional consultancy services.

Implementation Model

  • Cloud – It refers to the complete deployment of a cloud platform, and because of its private deployment, the SAP is in total control of the cloud.
  • On-Premise – It is the conventional approach where the company is in charge of the deployment.
  • Hybrid – It is the convergence of the above two techniques.

Hardware Costs
Check Out – Many customers state that the hardware cost of the product is on the higher side. It operates on Intel x86 servers, but at present, it is compatible with IBM servers. The hardware configurations include reduced data footprints and the restructuring of data tables. It is the best-recommended practice to segregate transactional data into historical and actual partitions. The organizations don’t have to scale-out their original data partitions.


System conversion
It is possible to make upgrades and migrations to your configuration without altering the data.

New Installation
It is the best Greenfield approach where the implementation of the new system aligns with recommended System Applications and Products best practices.


Landscape Transformation
It is a combination of the above two techniques.

People tend to get confused between these two in their business setting. In simple terms, HANA is a new kind of DB, and S/4 HANA is an ERP suite that executes on that memory database. Both use the same in-memory, which provides faster and precise analytics.

Business Benefits

  • It automates the entire routine tasks.
  • It provides detailed reconciliation and profitability analysis.
  • Elimination of the end-of-period congestion,
  • The software offers frequent intercompany reconciliation.
  • It is a real-time system that highlights performance attributes.
  • The financial reports are beneficial.

The above-annexed information provides some insights into the business benefits of S/4 HANA for small businesses. Are you an expert in S/4 HANA looking for sap jobs in NYC? Then Techfetch, a leading IT job consultant, helps you to acquire in the leading SMBs or MNCs depending on your experience and qualifications.

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