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The Change Mobility Wrought

There are still some of us left who remember the time when a mobile phone was a cumbersome thing. A hefty square with big numerical buttons and a tiny antenna. With two years past the tenth birthday of the iPhone, it is hard to imagine the mobiles of the by-gone era. Today, every cell is a smartphone with touchscreens instead of buttons.

The stratospheric rise of mobile phones brought with it a cataclysmic change. Every corner of the world that was touched by cell phones changed. The way we communicate with each other, the way we work, the way we socialise and even the way we live every day altered. Therefore, it is not much of a surprise that transformation was wrought even in education.

The traditional classroom becomes equipped with technological tools that enabled better learning. Slowly, those tools morphed into mobiles that made learning portable. From primary schools to colleges, from UPSC coaching centres to medical students, everyone benefited from mobility

Capitalising Mobile Technology In Education.

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There was a time when gaining education meant attending school and then college. The teacher was the primary source of knowledge, and the books were the secondary source. Any person who wanted to learn something new and build a career had to gain access to an academic institute. In short, the student was dependent on the school.

Mobile technology eradicated this need. Instead of physically attending a class, a student can merely log-in through a computer or phone to access the knowledge a teacher has. Moreover, instead of paper books, the student could gain knowledge from e-books, forums, online courses, videos, and other dozens of educational contents online.

Access to information from varying channels is one area where education capitalised technology. The other is always-on access. Mobile learning ensured that a person could access knowledge from anywhere they want and at any time. A phone can be used to study a topic as quickly at home as in the classroom. Similarly, an individual can study five in the morning or late in the night using technology, depending on what suits their schedule.

A range of stimulating formats in one more advantage mobile technology gave to education. Each person learns in their own manner. Some find videos more comprehensive, and some find group studies helpful. The digital world made it possible to offer every kind of format possible for students. From videos to audio to interactive quizzes to chats on social media, a person can pick and choose the way they want to learn.

Another useful aspect of technology in education is motivation. Research shows that children find learning through gadget, fun, and playful, which motivates them to learn more!

Some Other Benefits Of Technology In Education

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  • Keeping track of studies is easier with mobile apps. Besides checking their own progress, a student can keep an eye on new assignments, notes, classes, and other updates through technology.
  • Access additional online resources to help understand a concept or theory better, such as chats with teachers or blogs.
  • Social networking sites aid students to cope with the pressure and burden that comes with competitive exams or higher education.
  • Instant connection with teachers, mentors, and peers through phones supports students when they need it without the necessity of scheduling an appointment.

Know More about the technological benefits in education. The paybacks of mobile learning are not limited to the academic phase of life. As the world continues to adopt technology, workplaces are including them too. By making students comfortable with gadgets and software, we prepare them for future careers where technology will be par for the course.

How learning takes place, where it occurs and when it happens has already be defined by mobile technology. This is just the beginning; in coming time, mobile devices will become central to a classroom. As the world that gets more and more hyper-connected, it behoves schools, teachers, institutes, and students to embrace the technology further.

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